About Us

About Us

We are united young minds, approaching tutoring and designing with innovative styles with a vision to create a difference from the over-exposed projects. Creating new and effective strategies in A&D and Ed-tech industry is our primary goal. With well-defined milestones and comprehensive plans for definitive success, we bring out the best.

Everything started back in the summer of 2017 when our CEO Chaithanya Ganesh started taking software classes for aspiring architects and designers at his residence.The difficulty to survive in this field is no more a hidden fact and expertise in software is simply nothing but an essential criterion in this era of paperless architecture.

With the help of a basic projector and a long dining table, Chaithanya Ganesh was mounting the base tight and the great tutor in him was slowly acing the name.

Success is never an ice-cake walk but rather a roller coaster of ups and downs. The story is not always about having great cheerleaders by side but also about the people who took the giant leap of faith and even further to shed the same amount of blood, sweat, and tears. Ar. Chaithanya Ganesh teamed up with Ar.Rushwanth Raghuram and Ar. Ajit Kumar Upadhyay to take the game a notch-up. 

By April 2018, the tiny dining table classroom was shifted to a small office space in Malleswaram, Bengaluru. Though the first year wasn’t smooth and sailing, the three young determined architects never looked back. Working day in and out, the company started getting slight recognition after a year. With a couple of interns and tutors encompassing the team and after successfully completing few architectural projects, the brand name “Lomos”  started to spread across borders. For a wider and better positive outreach, the company expanded with design, sales, operations and tutoring teams.

As for everyone, 2020 summer was a shock yet an experience worth everything. Switching from offline to online classes was a boon and a bane. With grace, Lomos turned into a successful E-Learning platform by our tutors coming together and with the endless support of our Captains.

The growth of the company was always accompanied by tongue-tied challenges. The like-minded teammates and the never-quitting motto of our CEOs made Lomos Archilabs stronger and wiser as days passed by.

Solely driven by passion and the urge to build a friendly creative architectural community brought us where we are today.